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Grab cranes

Grab Cranes:

Our philosophy is to provide the best suitable cranes and crane components for our customers.
The individual requirements of our customers and the user-friendly handling in accordance to the different applications and the reliability of our products is our highest priority.
Grab applications are very special and cause very specific requirements.

The features and advantages of our Grab cranes:

˗ Volumes from 0.1 m³ up to 50 m³ and up to 30 tons dead weight.

˗ Grab with special construction, blades with special material corrosion resistant!

˗ Since grabs pivot points are important and must operate in dusty area like concentrate cells, the bearings are in oil bath and specially sealed.

˗ Hoisting and Grabbing can be operated simultaneously.

˗ Opening and closing the grab while it is being hoisted reduces cycle times and stress on ropes.

˗ Simultaneous hoisting and grabbing. The instant control of our variable speed drive means you can start, stop and drive your hoist while opening and closing the grab. This puts less stress on the ropes, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. It also shortens the cycle time with obvious gains in cost-efficiency.

˗ Smart automatic control system with grab software maximized rate of concentrate handling since minimized grab unwanted opening

˗ Grab and hoisting units and inverters with special software are   dedicated and integrated

˗ Solid design for min. vibration due to grab open/close and high lifting speeds

      ˗ Soft starts without jerky movements are ensured, even with very heavy loads. This enhances safety and minimizes mechanical wear. When the crane mechanics require further soft starts, for example a rebuilt crane with long travel motions, an S-ramp function can be activated. Matching rapid direct torque control, fast pre-magnetization of the motor and precise brake control offer instant yet smooth starts as the motor has enough power to deliver the torque needed at the very moment the mechanical brake is released. 

 Khatoon Abad Copper New Concentrate Storage Project
    - Capacity: 25 ton
    - Quantity: 3 units
    - Span: 41 m
    - Fem class: 5 m (ISO class: M8) 
    - Hoist speed: 0...24 mpm 
Trolley speed: 0...40 mpm
    - Crane travel speed: 0...95 mpm
    - Grab volume: 5 m3
    - Constructed for the first time In Iran by Farabar Sanat Cranes

The pre-sorting of the various types of grabs is as follows:

-  Rope Grab

- Motor Grab

Hydraulic Grab

We offer ideal grab according to the customers’ requirement.     

Rope Clamshell Grab: Four-rope clamshell grab to handling of gravel, Ores, Coal, …


Rope Orange-Peel Grab: Four-rope orange-peel grab and Double-rope Orange-peel grab for handling the Scrap, stones, …


Rope Dredging Grab: Four-rope underwater dredging grab with one shell rotation point, in maintenance-free execution.


Motor Orange-Peel Grab: Handling of scrap, refuse, stones and all bulk & coarse products


Motor Clamshell Grab: Motor Clamshell Grab with high closed shells to avoid spreading


Motor Timber Log Grab: For the handling of short and long timber logs as well as for bundle woods and single trees and etc.


Motor Dredging Grab: Motor underwater dredging grab at the extraction of gravel and etc.


Hydraulic Orange- Peel Grab: Handling of scrap, refuse, stones and all bulk & coarse products


Hydraulic Clamshell Grab: For Bulk handling of scrap


Hydraulic Timber Log Grab: For Bulk Handling all kind of round and bundle wood

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