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Explosion-Proof Systems

Explosion-Proof Systems:

*   Protection against flammable dust and explosive gases

*   Zones 1, 2, 21 or 22

*   Equipment Group II

*   Category group 2G, 3G, 2D or 3D

*   Explosion sub-groups and temperature classes IIB T3, T4 IIB, IIC T3, T4 IIC

Almost all Farabar Sanat cranes and components are available with explosion-proof design. Due to special measures of safety the ignition of an explosive atmosphere is prevented effectively. For reliable protection every part of the crane is analysed carefully to remove all possible ignition sources. 
Examples for application areas of our Ex protected crane systems and components are oil drilling platforms, gas plants, sawmills, paint shops, refineries and other hazardous environments


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